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Kenya is where  I was born and brought up.  I became a Jesus follower as a teenager due to polio on my right leg .  I went to meetings to get physical healing but instead found Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord.  Two books that had a great impact on my life were "Take my hands" by Dr Mary Varghese and the life story of Pandita Ramabai.  


I moved to India when I finished my 'O' Levels at the age of 17 and it is here that I joined Operation Mobilisation (OM)  in 1970  when there were very few Indian girls from North India on teams.  In 11 years that I served with OM I saw the development of girls teams in various areas of OM.  


I have lived in England since 1984 and worked in London Borough of Brent until I had to retire due to throat cancer in 2009.  I have worked part time with Asha Charity shop in London from 2010. I am also part of the leadership team at New Life Suwarta Sangat, serving the Gujarati community in Harrow, London.

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