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Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022

This week we mourn the loss of our Queen

I think it was after the Diamond Jubilee that I decided I want to get to know the Queen better, so I read a book about her- A Brief History of The Private Life of Elizabeth II – by Michael Paterson... it revealed so much to me about this great woman.

She was simply remarkable. The Queen at a young age gave up her life, to a life of service to God and country.

She was gracious, wise, kind, generous, smart as a tack, she had a sense of humour, had great wit and was sassy; just a few words I choose to describe this wonderful woman of God.

I believe Jesus would have opened his arms to receive her and God the Father would have said.. 'Well done good and faithful servant. You ran the race that was set before you.'

She did it without grumbling or complaining.

Thank you Ma'am.

Rest in peace - you are with your beloved now.

Our thoughts now turn to King Charles III. We pray for wisdom as you take on the Kingship. We bless you Charles and Queen Camila Consort in the name of Jesus that you would come to faith and take on your new roles with fortitude and service just as your mother did.

We pray for you the Royal family as you grieve in private but have to carry on with life in public - some with new roles and more responsibility.

Let God be your comforter and guide.

We pray love and unity will bind you all together.

Lord heal rifts in the family and instil a sense of forgiveness and humility where need.

We are all united in our grief for this wonderful woman of faith.

God save the King.

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