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Examen - Prayer

Jesus came to me when I wasn't looking

because He said that He would be with me always.'s just that I didn't understand the promise

as I straddled in the dilemma between being and doing,

never certain of getting it right,

but He won me when He affirmed His always love for me...

and I have never been the same.

So, I can look back on each day, each week, and ask for insight to reveal the most joyful moment, thanking God for such times;

and recall the times that were hard, and where I struggled and then invite God to enter into it with me;

like the swinging of the pendulum,

repetition is life's heartbeat,

no time ever returns back the same way,

all time is God-given,

all the more grace to know Him more.



1. The above poem is based on the spiritual practice of the Examen, a review of the day, one of the daily practices suggested by St Ignatius of Loyola, to help us draw closer to God. See the note attached, separately.

2. Relevant Bible verses: Matthew 28:20, 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

Take time to become still. Use any method you find helpful, for example, listening to the sounds around you, or breathing in God's love.

As you consider life at the moment, what gives you a sense of well-being and gratitude? Savour this in God's presence.

Ask for God's light as you review the period of time you want to look at, that God will show you what will be most helpful to see.

Let your mind's eye look back over the time, gently noticing whatever catches your attention. There is no need to remember everything. Be relaxed about it and see what comes.

Notice especially moments of most life, light and energy and moments when these seemed to drain out of you. If writing you might put this into two columns.

For what do you feel most thankful? For what do you feel least thankful? Breathe in the life experienced in your time of consolation. Breathe God's love into your moment of desolation.

Speak to God as one friend speaks to another about what you have noticed in this prayer. Or you might like to continue writing.

Looking ahead, ask God for what you need to help you respond to God's call.

Loyola Hall Prayer Sheet

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